Complete Solution

The THERA-Trainer Complete Solution is a group therapy concept at all stages offering the opportunity to train strength, endurance and mobility, balance, standing and walking task-orientated with the help of latest robotic and computer technology.

State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation 

Our solution can be implemented in every rehabilitation centre in an economically sustainable manner. Because of systematic restructuring and implementation of selected treatment pathways the therapy intensity is significantly increased – at unchanged staff assignment! While realizing significant efficiency gains, this allows patients to achieve the best outcome possible.

(Process) Innovation instead of extra work

Rehabilitation centres that have started working with our solution have tremendously improved their results after just a few weeks. 

Also in your hospital we will achieve improvements by higher utilisation and higher therapy with an optimised therapist-to-patients-ratio significant. All at measurably lower costs, greatly improved efficiency and increasing satisfaction of therapists and patients alike – whether in inpatient rehabilitation in clinics or in outpatient rehabilitation facilities.





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