THERA-Trainer lyra

Crucial factors for successful rehabilitation of walking ability are – according to numerous findings of research in the field of motoric learning – therapy intensity and high repetition.


The end-effector gait trainer offers intensive gait training at the performance limit in each phase of rehabilitation. That’s how THERA-Trainer lyra created best requirements to help users find their way back into a self-determined daily life and offer them best chances to regain their walking ability. 

Important therapy goals

  • Regaining walking ability
  • Increasing gait speed
  • Improving persistence
  • Improving the gait pattern

Effective - Easy - Affordable

The absolute easy handling and the fast transfer make the use economically interesting also in daily use. Without the complication of having to put on an exoskeleton, minimal preparation times and an intense therapy schedule can be achieved with comparatively low procurement and operating costs. THERA-Trainer lyra is also the world’s only gait trainer with connectivity functions which allow all training data and logs to be sent directly to the therapist’s smartphone or tablet.  The therapist can access these easily and start to analyze the training session there and then or transmit them electronically to the treating physician.

Tip for facilities

This THERA-Trainer can be part of your THERA-Trainer Complete Solution.