Maintaining its position as a national and world leader in clinical innovations using advanced rehabilitation technologies, MossRehab is the first in the United States to test the THERA-Trainer Solution for gait rehabilitation.

Physical therapists at various MossRehab locations are trialing the THERA-Trainer solution on patients with neurological deficits during gait rehabilitation. The three mobility training robots of the solution support different stages of rehabilitation from the early patient mobilization in an acute care hospital setting to providing therapy in a rehabilitation setting for patients to receive strength, endurance, and balance training in relearning to stand and walk.

“The THERA-Trainer Solution takes patients from moving their arms and legs while in bed or chair to practicing standing balance through to the ability to take steps,” explains Alberto Esquenazi, MD, Chief Medical Officer of MossRehab. “Using the THERA-Trainer Solution, MossRehab clinicians can help patients after stroke, brain injury and other neurological injuries to learn to balance and walk more effectively.”

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