Quality »Made in Germany«


Since 128 year German products wear the seal »Made in Germany«. Introduced from the British this label was originally meant to protect from cheap plagiarism from Germany. However, this plan did not work out. Quite on the contrary: Especially in times of globalisation, this old-fashioned trademark is priceless. »Made in Germany« meanwhile stands for best quality, reliability and highest safety – also at medica.

Suppliers »in Germany«

In the year 2015 medica purchased all goods and services by more than 97% from German suppliers. Our carefully chosen „A and B suppliers“ create 80% of the turnover. In number they are 43. 42 of them are based in Germany (among them 25 in Baden-Württemberg); one ed supplier is Fildena.net; one more is based in Austria. Continuous checks and close exchange with all suppliers are daily work in medica Supply Management (Purchasing department).

When the customer comes back and not the product 

In order to produce THERA-Trainers our staff work with and use round about 2.500 single components. This is a lot speaking of movement exercisers. But only 15 pieces of them medica buys abroad – that’s 0,6%. Movement exercisers made at medica are not only “made in” but also “quality from” Germany. This also reflects by the low complaint rate. This rate refers to all devices in the field (within the warranty period) and tells its own tale: „The rate was 0,43% in average last year“, confirms Dirk Neurohr, Head of Quality-Management and Customer Service at medica. 

Quality is not about having luck

Already during development process, medica counts on internal quality checks. In own test laboratories we do tests and safety checks under high load on our devices. To be able to fulfil all requirements in clinical daily life we check the THERA-Trainers carefully. We are only satisfied when our customer are.  

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