New: Wake up and move!

Wake up and move!

Safe, effective, variable: that's THERA-Trainer bemo, the new trainer for passive, assistive or active movement of arms and legs – now available! Developed especially for bedridden patients - with brand new motor driven technology. Whether in early rehabilitation, intensive care, for recovery of Covid-19 patients or during dialysis, THERA-Trainer bemo is your flexible partner for early and effective mobilization.

Because every day counts

International guidelines recommend that patients be mobilised twice daily for at least 20 minutes within the first three days of admission to the intensive care unit.

THERA-Trainer bemo can specifically promote mobility in bedridden and severely affected patients, like in case of Covid-19 recovery. Early mobilisation improves not only the functional outcome of these patients in the long term but also the degree of alertness. Timely exercise therapy shortens the duration of intensive treatment. With bemo, therapists can mobilise patients effortlessly and flexibly. Another advantage: This brand new trainer can be adjusted quickly and individually to the patient.


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