Produkt abbildung THERA-Trainer mobi 540

THERA-Trainer mobi 540

Art.-Nr.: A004-419
      • Base unit THERA-Trainer mobi
        • incl. 100 Watt electric motor
        • high performance motor, long-lasting and extremely quiet
        • robust and stable all-metal frame
        • crank disc without shearing points
        • height adjustable rubber feet
        • power supply 100 V - 240 V
        • Foot rests THERA-Trainer mobi/activo
          • with stepless radius adjustment incl. tool
          • can be exchanged without tools
          • Therapy grips
            • with three different ergonomic grip positions 
            • toolfree assembling to the upper body exerciser          
            • only in combination with one of the cranks (A001-417 / A001-418)
            • Control and display unit mobi 2,7" wireless (54 x 40 mm)
              • wireless connection for the use of THERA-soft
              • easy handling and adjusting of important training parameters
              • only in combination with base unit THERA-Trainer mobi
                      • Wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle
                        • Wristbands for therapy grips / safety handle
                        • for the easy securing of paralysed / weak hands  on the therapy grips or safety handle/grip adapter
                        • only in combination with one of the safety handles (A001-415 / A002-273) or the grip adapters (A001-419) or the therapy grips (A001-420)
                      • Carry bag for THERA-Trainer mobi/activo
                        • stable and cushioned carry bag for easy transport
                        • pockets for foot rests, therapy grips and control unit
                      • Mini-PC
                        • mini-PC incl. HDMI-connection, keyboard and mouse.
                        • depending on the therapy aim different therapy sessions/biofeedback versions can be chosen
                        • connectable with THERA-Trainer product lines Cycling and Standing & Balancing
                        • quick adaptation of training parameters (e. g. traning time, level, etc.)
                        • game-module in 2D-view
                        • incl. training evaluation
                      • Wireless receiver for PC (2,7'')
                        • enables wireless communication between THERA-soft (A006-630) and control and display unit 2,7'' colour screen and a feedback sensor respectively
                        • use via USB interface
                    • Dimensions (L/W/H)

                      50 / 46 - 56 / 43 cm


                      Legtrainer 13,2 kg
                      Upper body trainer 12,1 kg


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