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Who benefits from THERA-Training?

Exercising with a THERA-Trainer helps people who, for a variety of reasons, no longer have sufficient mobility. To remain physically and mentally active and to counter the effects of lack of exercise, we need to get our bodies in motion. Regular movement exercising maintains and restores strength, mobility, endurance and more besides.

Studies show that following a  stroke or for people affected by MS, Parkinson’s disease or  paraplegia, physical performance can be improved by exercising with a THERA-Trainer, with a positive effect on the progression of the disease. 

With THERA-Trainers you train...

  • at home – where you feel comfortable.
  • by yourself – in many cases you won’t need any help.
  • whenever and as frequently as you wish – depending on your daily schedule.
  • for as long as you wish and for as long as it is beneficial – you decide.
  • from your armchair or wheelchair – without the need to change location.
  • with or without muscle power – exactly as it suits you.

How does THERA-Training help?

Happiness and physical well-being are closely linked and dependent on many factors. The best way to improve both is through regular exercise. Daily training promotes physical functions like strength, endurance and mobility, stabilises the circulation & metabolism and also improves mental wellbeing.

Regular exercise with a THERA-Trainer counteracts the negative impact of lack of exercise, such as stiffness or loss of muscle tone, and has a positive effect on daily activities.

How much is a THERA-Trainer?

This depends highly of your individual requirements. Depending on model and equipment, the price may vary. Please talk to our consultants, and then we can create your individual quote. 

How and where can I receive consultation?

All medica employees would love to help you and will answer all your questions quickly.
Please contact us:


Telephone number +49 7355-93 14-0
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We are happy to receive your call or your e-mail!

What are the benefits of upper body exercising?

If you use a THERA-Trainer of the Cycling-line regularly at home, upper body exercising often is a reasonable option. It helps to relax paralytic symptoms in the upper body and to reduce spasticity. Active wheel chair drivers without paralysis in the upper body can use the training to increase strength and endurance, as well as the lung volume and the general fitness. 

Can I use upper and lower body exerciser of a THERA-Trainer of the Cycling-line at the same time?

No! You can exerciser either with the arms or with the legs – both at the same time is not allowed. There is a danger of injury due to colliding elbows and knees when you use upper and lower body exerciser at the same time. 

What happens when the THERA-Trainer is broken?

Normally we deliver the THERA-Trainers with help of the trained dealer. This gives you a competent contact person at your place whenever you need it. All components can be exchanged fast and easy. 

How about warranty?

All THERA-Trainers are guaranteed quality products. Should you ever have a reason to complain, we'll do everything to solve the problem so you can continue your exercise.

Where is the difference betweeen a bicycle ergometer and the THERA-Trainer from the Cycling-line?

The typical bicycle ergometer is suitable for people who still are able to sit on a saddle and exercise in a performance range over 100 Watt. A flywheel ensures the smooth rotation of a bicycle ergometer.

You can use the THERA-Trainer of the Cycling-line while sitting in the chair or wheel chair. The leg and foot fixings ensure safe guidance and strong hold for weak legs. The motor allows passive, assistive and active exercising – with smooth transition and harmonious rotation. Thanks to the safety arrangements specially adapted to wheel chair users, such as the THERA-spasticity control or the self-controlled tip-up protection, THERA-Training is a very safe way of exercising.