An ergonomic all-rounder

Mobility for every requirement

With the THERA-Trainer tigo/veho, all necessary adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Height and distance of the safety handle and the upper body exerciser can be individually adjusted to suit your height. Various hand and arm rests can be attached to the upper body exerciser – no tools required. The angle of the control and display units can also be adjusted, to keep everything in view. On the THERA-Trainer tigo, the crank radius can be steplessly adjusted between 65 and 115 mm to allow for different levels of leg mobility. Even the device base and thus the base area can be adjusted to meet individual requirements. VARIABILITY is our top priority.
  • Safety handle and upper body exerciser with adjustable height and inclination
  • Control and display unit with adjustable inclination
  • Upper body exerciser with adjustable distances
  • Device base with pull-out transport castors