Fall prevention

Fall prevention is a central topic - not just in older people. 

As people live longer, the wish to remain independent for as long as possible is also becoming stronger. Often, independence is limited by falls, for example. Falls lead to anxiety and insecurity. However, falling is generally not an unavoidable misfortune. On the contrary, there are often several reasons that lead to a fall. Some of these can be effectively influenced and reduced.

Falls are preventable

Successful fall prevention can be achieved when strength, mobility, endurance and reaction speed are regularly trained through repetitive exercise. And this is precisely what happens when training in the THERA-Trainer coro: With biofeedback, patients can exercise for long periods with high levels of enjoyment and motivation - and on an equal footing with others. Independent stability, mobility and balance can be trained and significantly improved with the THERA-Trainer coro. Just start!