What defines us

Everyone has something that distinguishes them and makes them special.

Unique ideas, their reasonable implementation and unique quality lead to distinctive, innovate products and extraordinary service. 

Your reliable system supplier

For us, reliability is more than just making reliable products. Reliability, as we understand it, also means a specific value proposition you can rely on.

  • Your therapy equipment for the most important rehabilitation phases comes from a single top performing manufacturer. This means you have just one contact person to deal with.
  • The therapy devices feature a uniform design, which helps give your facility a professional appearance.
  • All THERA-Trainers use the same uniform operating concept with consistent operating logic, colour scheme and symbol language. This enables quick and easy product training for new employees and patients.
  • You can rely on us at every stage: during order processing, delivery, product training and technical after-sales service.

Outstanding quality and safety

»Made in Germany« stands for quality, reliability and the highest level of safety.

Our internal quality checks start right from the development stage. Tests and safety checks are carried out under the most strenuous conditions in both internal and external test labs. In addition, over 95% of our carefully selected suppliers are based in Germany. To satisfy all your requirements, all THERA-Trainers are thoroughly tested prior to use in daily clinical practice.

In addition, our engineers and every one of our employees work according to a certified quality management system that has supported our entire development and production process since 1999. This is because we understand just how important reliable product training is. Every THERA-Trainer complies with the relevant standards and laws and it goes without saying that we set great store by thorough documentation. 

Inspiring innovation

Innovation doesn't happen by chance. We feel driven to get people moving and to help improve the situation of those with restricted mobility. 

Our engineers and therapists obtain input from outside experts at product development stage. Doctors, therapists, scientists and other experts provide important suggestions for new solutions and improvements. For more than 25 years, medica has been behind many ground-breaking innovations.

Quote left: Bernd Rall, Therapy Manager at the Ichenhausen specialist hospital. Bernd has been working with our team of developers for over ten years.

We use your intuition for our operating concepts

It’s easy enough to say that something is »easy to use«. But it’s often the simple solutions that prove to be a real challenge for development.

Therefore our goal is to develop a user interface for your "training partner", which is self-explanatory and which you can use on your own, without the need for an instruction manual or after a short introduction. That’s why our design language features easy-to-understand symbols, clear screens, high-contrast fonts, pictures and large buttons. A milestone in the development of the perfect user interface is the START/STOP traffic light control introduced in THERA-Trainers in 1997.


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