From Douala to


No, it was no crowded boat on open sea and no dangerous travel throughout several countries. Gabriel Mbanda travelled roughly four years ago with the airplane and a valid visa to Germany. Completely without ruffle. Because the back then 28-years old man was not a »real« refugee. He mainly came to Germany to study and due to a looming critical situation in Cameroon for him. In 2014, during a stay in Dortmund, he finally applied for asylum and ended up in Southern Germany, in Biberach a. d. Riß.

Support in the IT

Development, production or sales: without the IT all departments in a modern organisation are helplessly lost. Also at medica. Since October last year, Gabriel supports this important field in our company. No matter if the PC is not working, the phone is on strike, or the server needs to be serviced – Gabriel supports every helpless colleague with words and deeds. The colleagues like his friendly and obliging attitude very much. 

A necessary emigration

Even if Cameroon is an independent republic since 1960 and it considered a safe country, political critics are not very welcome. Who questioned things lived in danger. That was also the reason why the passionate hobby musician and youngest of nine siblings left his hometown Douala on his own accord. His family was in anxiety for him. He was dreaming to go to India, since it is well known in the world for its IT-expertise. However, the journey to the east was too expensive. The University of Dortmund was faster: they answered Gabriel’s application and had a good reputation in technic, informatics and electronics. He booked a flight and landed in May 2012 on the airport Frankfurt. 

However, a smooth continuation of his studies in Dortmund did not work out as planned: even if the born African finished his undergraduate studies towards a Bachelor’s degree in informatics, it was not fully accepted in Germany. After long seesaw, the young man from Cameroon could finally start a qualification in the IT-field at the advanced technical college in Ulm.

Kamerun vs. Germany

He was positively fascinated by the timeliness in Germany. When he was the first time at a train station in Germany he could not believe that a train arrives at 10.10 o’clock, when it is announced for this time, and also leaves right afterwards. „I could not believe that such a big machine like this train does not need to wait for more people to come until it is really profitable enough for it to leave.“ He went from rail to rail in order to follow the amazing spectacle that was unbelievable for him. „The [trains] are always simply there! That impressed me a lot.“

Although, due to his timeliness, he was already known as the „European one“ with his friends in Cameroon, he had to struggle to get used to the precision in Germany. “Not only the work fields differ but the whole system works differently. In Germany everything is slow and with a lot of respect and politeness. In Cameroon, you need a lot of temper and energy to assert oneself. The Europeans are much more careful“, thinks Gabriel.

»I always wanted to work in the medical field «

„I am so glad, that in the IT-field I get to know a lot of departments and that I can support them. I like it here a lot. Own suggestions are always welcome and I can bring myself in. It is great that the company is oriented internationally. We even have colleagues who speak my mother language“, he tells us. Going back to the African working world is only imaginable for him with a good idea as a freelancer. „I always wanted to work in the medical field“, reports the IT-specialist, „not as a doctor, but in order to find ed treatment online at and other modern technology sites and solutions“.

Some years ago, a friend of Gabriel in Cameroon developed the so-called „Cardiopad“. This tablet allows cardiologic remote diagnosis. In Germany we have 227 inhabitants per square meter, whereas in Cameroon only 43 inhabitants, although the West-African country is much larger. The invention of his friend means is a big blessing for the rural population that needs to cover large distances in case of an emergency. „Cardiopads“ already provide great service and safe life. „A big dream would be to open the representation of a good German company in Cameroon“, tells the 32-years old. Now he wants to collect more experience here. We at medica hope that Gabriel will wait with the realisation of his dream much longer and stays at medica for many more years. 

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