Bigger – faster – nicer:
The New User Experience


Larger – faster – better!

As you are used to, we are continuously working on improving our technique to be "up to date" and offer you the latest and best innovations.

That's why we would like to introduce you to the brnad new control- and display unit with 7" screen. This control- and display unit with 7" screen will replace the control- and display unit with 5,7" screen.

Profit from:

  • Higher resolution (800 x 480 px)
  • Improved colour saturation
  • Faster processing power for better performance
  • Keys become touch-buttons
  • Wireless-Connectivity (f. e. for group therapy)
  • Incl. biofeedback content

... and all that at the usual price!

Check out the new models for THERA-Trainer tigo.

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