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Did you already see it? The publication of the second edition of our specialist magazine marked an important contribution to internationalisation: we needed to "reform" and THERAPIE is now THERAPY! 

Now it is here, the second edition of our magazine. And next to many other exciting articles, we continue the topic "Best Practice". A Best-Practice-Model for device-based neurorehabilitation – nobody asked for it. But anyway we found it important to talk about. Because we would like to improve rehabilitation and we found that it was worth it!


Cover story:

A matter of strong nerves!
Neuronal plasticity and motor learning

Neuronal plasticity of the brain is the biological base of motor rehabiliation after damage of the nervous system. Plastic change in the brain is possible a lifetime by change of behaviour, training and learning. scientific results show that - depending on the size and location of the damage - several mechanisms of neuronal plasticity can help the nervous system to compensate malfunctions in an impressive way.  


And more:

Part two of the big series:
From evidence to clinical practice

- patients in quick test
- the THERA-concept assessment
- objectives and interventions


How much effort would you like?

Frequently there is helplessness about how to create the optimal training for neurological patients. The BORG scale is a reliable measurand that helps therapists to measure and evaluate the subjective effort during the training. 

Interview: Martin Huber
Train postural control more effective!

In the interview physiotherapist and Master of Science Martin Huber, will explain how effective therapy of the postural control can be created following the current evidences. 

... und a lot more!

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