Therapy & Practice

Cognitive-motor training

Improving daily living functions and reducing the risk of falls in older adults

Ageing is associated with physical and cognitive decline and an increased risk of falls, which affects independence and quality of life among older people. Numerous studies have investigated the effects of interactive cognitive-motor training on mobility and fall risk in older adults. This training approach specifically combines physical activity (e.g. stepping movements) with cognitive challenges/stimuli, thus strengthening the cognitive-motor interaction that is fundamental to most activities of daily living.

Exergaming is a novel approach to encourage this interaction in a playful way. Exergames offer technology-based and motivating cognitive-motor training.

The latest THERA-Trainer Education webisode introduces the validated cognitive-motor training system THERA-Trainer senso – a system specifically designed to train balance and coordination as well as cognitive functions of older people through evidence-based exergaming on a stepping plate. In addition to a scientific backdrop and evidence on the effectiveness of the training, the learning session includes many practical tips and application examples.


Dr. Sc. Manuela Adcock is Head of Research at Dividat AG and has a PhD from ETH Zurich. Manuela Adcock is a neuropsychologist with many years of clinical experience at the Zurich University Hospital.