Achieving objectives

We do not want a transaction, we want a partnership. You will benefit from our expertise and experiences. 

Instead of arguing a one-size-fits-all package, we‘ll tailor your individual THERA-Trainer Solution according to your specific needs and circumstances. We‘ll both agree on mutual milestones and KPIs. And we‘ll invest a lot of time in analyzing, planning, controlling and coaching, for months after initiation and beyond – with guarantee of success.


Five steps to success

1. Presentation of the concept and basic determination

At the beginning we evaluate and analyse the current status in the facility. Presenting the best-practice-concept and discussing the common objective.

2. Proof Of Concept

Based on the first discussion we will draw up different implementation scenarios. The opportunites and challenges of the different possibilities are balanced with all parties and checked for feasibility of implementation.

3. Project planning

After the successful proof of concept we will create a detailed project plan. The project plan includes clear deadlines as well as the commonly agreed objectives. With the release of the project plan the implementation will start.

4. Implementation and supervision

The implementation starts with the delivery and commissioning of the units. The staff will receive a comprehensive training, support for the pilot operation until the stabilisation of the project success.

5. Normal operation

The agreed ratios are documented periodically. If necessary we will arrange follow-up trainings. The installed units of the complete solution continually being serviced and kept up to date.



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We are looking forward to move things together with you.