THERA-Trainer balo

Balancetrainer  und Gleichgewichtstrainer

The THERA-Trainer balo is a therapy device for safe dynamic exercise of balance (postural control). It is suitable for patients unable to stand, too and was designed for the daily use in clinics and therapy facilities as well as for use at home.

For plenty of users

The standing and balancing exerciser is suitable for patients with risk of falling as well as for wheelchair users and patients in vegetative state.

Two trainers in one

With this trainer, those with little or no core stability can exercise effectively and safely. Exercising when standing up makes breathing easier, stabilises the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Thanks to its balance unit the dynamic trainer also enables those affected to maintain or improve their balance and mobility. 

Tip for facilities

This THERA-Trainer can be part of your THERA-Trainer Complete Solution.