THERA-Trainer verto

The THERA-Trainer verto is a rigid, static standing frame for those who are unable to stand on their own and for whom balance initiation is not possible. It is ideally suited for training objectives such as verticalisation, tone regulation and activation of the circulation and metabolism.

However, if the training objectives are balance, upper body stability and mobility, static standing frames are usually supplemented or replaced by dynamic balance trainers such as the THERA-Trainer balo or coro

Standing frame with outstanding qualities

The THERA-Trainer verto has an uncompromising focus on quality and functionality. The highly wear-resistant tread surfaces offer flexible options for foot securing. Its four lockable leading pulleys make the THERA-Trainer verto a mobile exerciser. The table is made of high-quality Multiplex laminated wood with a highly wear-resistant coat of lacquer. The table is supported by stainless steel pipes. Largeformat engraved height marking allows accurate height adjustment. Thanks to the gas spring, the table height can be adjusted individually on both sides. The heights of the knee supports and the handrails can be adjusted in a similar way. Find out for yourself what »Made in Germany« quality really means.

Tip for facilities

This THERA-Trainer can be part of your THERA-Trainer Complete Solution.