With THERA-Trainer lyra with the physiological gait pattern, patients achieve 20 times more repetitions per session than with treadmill-based or manual gait training. Current findings show, that this is essential for the successful rehabilitation of walking ability.

»Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are currently undergoing a paradigm change due to the increasing number of high-quality intervention studies and successful therapy pathways in motor rehabilitation. The focus today is on providing very active therapy that is close to everyday life. Many studies have shown a clear dose-response relationship. This means that exercise should not just be highly targeted, it should also be as intensive as possible. This is especially true of rehabilitation to restore patients' ability to walk.«
Sabine Lamprecht, M.Sc. Neurorehabilitation
Head of Motor Skills Department, Kliniken Schmieder, in "Neurologie und Rehabilitation", issue 2/2016, pp. 80-81
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