THERA-Trainer bemo

The THERA-Trainer bemo is a therapy device for circular passive, assistive or active movement of the upper and lower extremities, including symmetry display and spasm detection. The therapy device helps to mobilise patients whose mobility is restricted after accidents, operations or general illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system. The THERA-Trainer bemo is also used for mobilisation during dialysis.

Safe - Effective - Variable

Early mobilisation improves not only the functional outcome of these patients in the long term but also the degree of alertness. Timely exercise therapy shortens the duration of intensive care. The therapist can mobilise the patient effortlessly and flexibly. The trainer can be adjusted quickly and individually to the patient.

Important therapy goals

  • stabilise pulmonary functions
  • reduce complications in intensive care
  • activate metabolism
  • improve functional outcome

Tip for facilities

This new movement trainer can be used prior to the THERA-Trainer Complete Solution in early rehabilitation and in intensive care.