Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital, MoH, Kuwait is the first reference partner in the Middle East region for THERA-Trainer

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Hochdorf/Kuwait, 21.01.2022 (PresseBox) – THERA-Trainer lyra, one of the latest robotic-assisted GAIT devices in the world, was launched for the first time in the GCC and the Middle East region, in the presence of Dr Abdullah Zaman, Director of Physiotherapy Services Department at Ministry of Health and Dr Nader Al-Awadi, Director of Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, in an event organized by Al-Sayer Medical Company, one of Al-Sayer Holding Group companies and the exclusive partner of the German company, THERA-Trainer in Kuwait.

Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital is a state-of-the-art and the largest single hospital in the GCC area. Together with Dr Hossam Afify, General Manager, Dr. Maha Magdy Mohamed Ali, Manager Sales and Mr. Reynolds F. Silva, Sr Service Engineer, from a close and long-term partner, Al-Sayer Medical, THERA-Trainer welcomes Team Jaber Al Ahmad to the THERA-Trainer family. In addition to being the very first reference center partner, Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital, also becomes THERA-Trainer’s Center of Excellence.

The event in December 2021 started with a speech by Dr Siham Al-Jadaan, Head of Medical Equipment Division in MoH Physiotherapy Services Department, in which she explained remarkable developments in all preventive and therapeutic physiotherapy services in the State of Kuwait and the Physiotherapy Services Department’s constant pursuit to overcome difficulties and achieve constructive cooperation with various government and private sectors inside and outside Ministry of Health, as well as the development and improvement of the therapeutic services provided to patients to keep up with global development and Ministry of Health’s plans by providing the latest medical physiotherapy devices and equipment with optimal training for physiotherapists.

The most important achievement is providing THERA-Trainer lyra, the first of its kind in the Gulf and Middle East region.

End-effector gait training device is one of the best modern therapeutic devices for training on walking for different age groups as it helps strengthening muscles, improving joint flexibility and helps the patient regain self-confidence by improving balance. Patients with neurological conditions such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and spinal muscular atrophy can benefit from this device. Dr. Siham also expressed her gratitude to Al-Sayer Medical Company and the German Company THERA-Trainer. Dr Hossam Afify thanked the Physiotherapy Services Department in Ministry of Health and Physiotherapy Division in Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital and congratulated them on operating the world’s latest and advanced physiotherapy devices produced by the German company THERA-Trainer, which is exclusively represented by Al-Sayer Medical Company in the State of Kuwait. He stressed the keenness of Al-Sayer Medical Company to provide the latest medical devices and equipment from major international companies to the health sector in the State of Kuwait keeping in line with Ministry of Health’s objectives and constant endeavour to develop health services in all specialties.

Dr Hossam Afify added that the Physiotherapy Division at Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital has been announced as the first reference center for using THERA-Trainer lyra device in the Gulf and Middle East Area by the German company. An accreditation certificate was presented by the German representatives Mr. Gopal Kallakuri, Head of Exports, Mr. Lars Timm, Regional Manager Asia, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific and Mr. Johnny Grau, Manager Customer Service from Team THERA-Trainer to Dr Abdullah Zaman, Director of Physiotherapy Services Department, Dr Nader Al Awadhi, Director of Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital and Dr Soad Al-Thamer, Head of Physiotherapy Department at Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital.