MossRehab is first in U.S. to get new technologies for rehabilitation

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Elkins Park, PA, 04.08.2020 (PresseBox) – Although its history stretches over 120 years, MossRehab (the physical and cognitive rehabilitation wing of Einstein Healthcare Network) has never been satisfied with the way rehabilitation is usually done. In fact, the nationally top-ranked rehab facility prides itself on being a national leader when it comes to testing and deploying new rehabilitation technologies in a clinical setting, and boasts more rehabilitation-specific robotics and technology than any other institution. This time, MossRehab is excited to be the very first in the U.S. to test not only one, but three new advanced technologies.

THERA-Trainer USA brings three new technologies to the U.S.: bemo for early, in-bed mobilization, balo for balance and postural control, and lyra an end-effector gait training device – all part of the THERA-Trainer complete solution for gait rehabilitation. These three products represent the latest developments in safe, easy to use, rehabilitation devices from THERA-Trainer based in Hochdorf, Southern Germany, parent company of THERA-Trainer USA. THERA-Trainer USA believes that these technologies are game changers that offer unique solutions to identified challenges in the rehabilitation community, especially for patients with neurological deficits such as stroke and brain injury. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemia, bemo is of particular interest for early rehabilitation starting in the ICU.

 "These devices are a great addition to our rehabilitation treatment armamentarium," said Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, MD, Chief Medical Officer of MossRehab. "And having them allows us to continue MossRehab’s longstanding tradition of being first in the U.S. when working with the THERA-Trainer team. We are grateful to them for installing the systems during these challenging conditions and excited to partner with them."

René Trost, CEO of THERA-Trainer USA, mentions that these new technologies significantly advance the tools available to rehabilitation clinicians. “Each of these devices was designed to be operated by a single therapist with setup times of under 5 minutes, freeing up staff to assist a larger number of patients while keeping both patients and clinicians safe. We believe these efforts will result in better outcomes for the patient, a more efficient use of resources for the hospital, and lower costs to the healthcare system. We at THERA-Trainer USA are very grateful to Dr Esquenazi and MossRehab for their receptivity and enthusiasm for their continued efforts to advance rehabilitation technologies.

To reach MossRehab, please contact Kerry O’Connor, Senior Communications Manager, at oconnker@einstein.edu. To reach THERA-Trainer USA, please contact Rene Trost, CEO, at rene.trost@thera-trainer.com or Don Labowsky, Vice President, at don.labowsky@thera-trainer.com For international inquiries, please contact info@thera-trainer.com
More information on: www.thera-trainer.com