New in-bed trainer from THERA-Trainer helps Covid-19 patients get back on their feet

Hochdorf, 02.07.2020 (PresseBox) – A new in-bed trainer, bemo, from THERA-Trainer is now available. Upon receiving CE for the bemo, medica Medizintechnik GmbH launches a completely new THERA-Trainer technology. “Bemo helps severely affected patients, for example, Covid-19 patients. Key for these patients is the combination of safety, easy handling and variable use. With existing technology on the market, these requirements for effective in-bed therapy cannot be realized to our satisfaction”, medica CTO Otto Hoebel explains. He further adds “this is why we developed a completely new technology platform for bemo, which will be the basis for further robot-assisted therapy devices for years to come.”

International guidelines recommend to already mobilise patients during the first three days in intensive medical care; two times a day for at least 20 minutes. In light of budget cuts, shortage of skilled staff hours and current Corona-fuelled distancing regulations, these recommendations cannot be realised without technical support. THERA-Trainer bemo closes this gap and allows patient mobilisation from the very first day in intensive care.

The lack of early mobilisation has a lot of negative consequences for patients as well as medical facilities. “Early in-bed mobilisation is important for a good therapy outcome and ensures the shortest possible stay in the intensive care unit. Every day counts”, physiotherapist Tobias Giebler explains. “For patients, this means a faster regeneration of their neuromuscular system; a better long-term functional outcome – the list of advantages of early mobilisation is very long.” It is not just the patients that benefit from an early start of rehabilitation, the health care system does so as well: Possible shortening of the length of stay can reduce the treatment costs and ensure that intensive care beds are available again for other patients. However, use of bemo is not just limited to the ICU alone, it can be used effectively in early mobilisation, patient care (incl. respiratory and coma patients), geriatric rehabilitation and dialysis as well.

Optimal solutions through next-generation technologies and patents

For bemo, THERA-Trainer developed a new drive technology; T.drive. T.drive is not only superior to previous drive technologies in performance, it integrates the crank directly into the drive as well. Resulting closed surfaces further safety and hygiene, a must for any device to be used in the ICU. CTO Otto Hoebel explains: “There was no drive on the market, that was safe, powerful and smooth enough for us. We invested five years of development time and a lot of passion to offer a new technology to patients and therapists that neither we nor our competition was able to provide thus far.”

Bemo differs by its shape from all other devices that have been on the market so far. The patented portal form unites optimal stability with very easy handling and is compatible with all common bed sizes. Next generation equipment – T.assist – augments the portal solution with distance sensors, audio-visual signals and an optical positioning aid. Beyond these, ease of use is paramount for the busy doctors and therapists. Therefore, a short set-up of a few minutes was the highest priority for our development team. “The height of the portal can be adjusted electrically by pressing a button”, says medica founder Peter Kopf. “We are particularly proud of the stepless radius adjustment that can be adapted tool-free with only one click”, he adds.

“Enormously good feedback”

At an internal bemo approval celebration, CEO Peter Kopf said: “The approval of bemo is an enormously important milestone and a great success for us. Not only because we launch a fantastic product, but also because we can tap into new markets. Bemo is a good fit for our brand,” he adds.

Presenting and introducing the THERA-Trainer bemo during roadshows in Europe has been very promising. “Our customers love it. Handling, design, disinfection routine, transportation – we received enormously good feedback on many issues”, Kopf is enthusiastic. The first THERA-Trainer bemo rolled off the line at the headquarter in Hochdorf immediately after receiving the approval message. It will be used in the USA to help severely affected and bed-ridden Covid-19 patients. For CEO Dr Jonathan Kopf, THERA-Trainer’s contribution to the crisis management is very important. “With bemo we contribute to ensure that the health system does not collapse under Covid-19, as ICU beds will be available again and sooner.” THERA-Trainer bemo is available as of now – numerous orders from all over the world have already been received. Dr Kopf adds: “In order to be able to meet the high demand, we are currently building a new production plant.”