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The THERA-Trainer senso is a highly efficient, interactive training device for cognitive motor training which improves mental and physical performance and reduces the risk of falls. The solution for testing and training cognitive-motor skills.


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Think and move.

Combining cognitive and motor training.

Every targeted movement is the result of a complex interaction between sensory stimuli and motor execution. This sensitive regulatory circuit can be disrupted by illness, accidents or the aging process – with dramatic effects on the activities of daily life.


Scientific findings show that the combination of cognitive and motor tasks is far superior to purely physical training. This makes senso training highly effective.

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Connect body and mind.

The basis for many activities of daily life.

Improved cognitive-motor performance means that many activities of daily life can be maintained and improved. Risks such as falls or dementia are reduced. Patients stay independent for longer. The senso training is extremely versatile. Patients from the fields of neurology, geriatrics, orthopaedics or traumatology train with enthusiasm and are able to feel the results.

Safe, easy, effective & affordable.

The THERA-Trainer senso is a high quality, innovative rehabilitation technology device with award-winning design. You want to make your own THERA-Trainer in the clinic, practice or at home? Arrange a free demo now.

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Features you’ll love.

The THERA-Trainer senso is a research-based product that includes hardware and cloud-based software which enables users to improve their physical cognitive interplay. Engaging exergames ensure cognitive-motor training in an engaging and fun environment.

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Intuitive and user-friendly

Begin in less than 2 minutes. The intuitive and user-friendly software enables individually tailored training.


Real-time adaptation

Intelligent algorithms automatically adapt the exercises to suit individual abilities, ensures maximum training outcomes.


Standardised assessments

Standardised assessments for baselining current performance and benchmarking user improvements.


Plug and play utilisation

The patient is identified by means of an RFID wristband and is shown customised training content.

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Performance reports

Supplies care providers and clinicians with performance reports and allows user specific outcome management.


Over 17 exergames

System includes over 17 validated exergames that can be assigned to users, according to their treatment goals.

Scientifically proven.

The THERA-Trainer senso is a research based product. Developed and scientifically proven at ETH Zurich. The effectiveness of the product and therapy concept is continuously tested in clinical studies.

Try for yourself.

You want to experience THERA-Trainer in the clinic, practice or at home? Arrange a free demo now.


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What is the THERA-Trainer senso?

The THERA-Trainer senso is a research-based product that offers high effectiveness for cognitive-motor training. The senso ensures that users improve their cognitive health, physical performance and quality of life with intuitive, fun and engaging therapy games performed on an interactive stepping plate. At the heart of THERA-Trainer senso is its outstanding software, an easy-to-use system that guides and motivates users to achieve their goals. Each program is selected to target a specific goal and constantly adapts to the user’s abilities.

How much does a THERA-Trainer senso cost?

The investment in a THERA-Trainer senso consists of the costs for the hardware and recurring license fees for the software. Depending on the equipment and runtime, we create an individual offer. We will gladly advise you to find out which configuration you need and make you an individual offer.

Which configuration of the THERA-Trainer senso is right for me?

This depends very much on the area of application and the patient clientele. Get in touch with us! Our clinical application specialists and product consultants have a lot of experience and can define the right setup with you based on your requirements.

In which settings the THERA-Trainer senso can be used?

The THERA-Trainer senso is especially used in the following settings:

  • Hospitals (Acute & Intensive care)
  • Stroke units
  • Inpatient rehabilitation clinics
  • Outpatient rehabilitation centers
  • MS centers
  • Long term care facilities
  • Elderly care homes
  • Gyms


For which clinical conditions and indications is the THERA-Trainer senso suitable?

The THERA-Trainer senso is used by patients with the following clinical conditions and indications:


  • Stroke (apoplexy, hemiplegia, cerebral haemorrhage)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Paraplegia (paraplegia, tetraplegia)
  • Muscle diseases (muscular dystrophy, muscular atrophy)
  • Craniocerebral injuries
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Apallic syndrome (coma vigil, aphasia)
  • Infantile cerebral palsy
  • Polio syndrome
  • Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS)
  • Polyneuropathy (e.g. due to canal spinal stenosis)
  • Rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis
  • Knee and hip TEP
  • and for many other clinical pictures with movement restrictions.


What is the minimum activity level for training with the THERA-Trainer senso?

THERA-Trainer senso does not have a fall protection. To be trained with the THERA-Trainer senso, patients should be able to stand safely on two handrails. An indication for training should always first be determined by the physician or therapist and subsequently accompanied.

What are the benefits for patients from exercising with the senso?

The program incorporates various interactive exercises and games that target specific therapeutic goals. Some common therapeutic goals that align with this program:


Motor function improvement: THERA-Trainer senso training may aim to improve coordination, balance, strength, and motor skills through the interactive exercises and activities incorporated in the program.


Cognitive enhancement: THERA-Trainer senso training can focus on improving attention, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities through cognitive training exercises integrated into the program.


Balance and fall prevention: Maintaining balance and stability is crucial for elderly people and individuals with neurological conditions. THERA-Trainer senso training does include exercises specifically designed to improve postural control, balance, and stability in dual tasking situations.


Sensory integration: The THERA-Trainer senso may aim to enhance sensory integration, helping individuals process and respond appropriately to sensory stimuli.


Functional independence: The THERA-Trainer senso training does include exercises that simulate real-life tasks, aiming to improve functional abilities and promote independence in daily living.


Engagement and motivation: Maintaining engagement and motivation throughout the rehabilitation process is essential for progress. THERA-Trainer senso’s interactive nature and game-like elements are designed to increase motivation, participation, and enjoyment during therapy sessions.


It’s important to note that the specific therapeutic goals of the THERA-Trainer senso may vary depending on the individual’s condition, needs, and the recommendations of healthcare professionals. It’s best to consult with a qualified therapist or healthcare provider who can provide more accurate information and tailor the program to the individual’s specific requirements.

How does the senso differ from the other THERA-Trainer Standing & Balancing products?

The THERA-Trainer senso is an interactive stepping plate with a specially developed software for the application of a highly effective cognitive-motor training, which is particularly suitable for fall prevention. In contrast, all other THERA-Trainer Standing & Balancing products are static and dynamic standing frames.

How is the THERA-Trainer senso different from other standing frames on the market?

There are many stepping plates available on the market. However, few training interventions of this kind have been scientifically researched as extensively as senso training. Particularly noteworthy in this context is the software. It features a sophisticated shaping algorithm that adjusts the difficulty of the exercises in real-time to match the patients’ performance level, ensuring that they train at their individual limits. This has a positive effect on motivation and, above all, training outcomes.

How THERA-Trainer senso fits into the THERA-Trainer complete solution concept?

The THERA-Trainer senso can be a valuable component of a THERA-Trainer complete solution in many clinical and non-clinical settings and can be excellently combined with other products from the Standing & Balancing line, as well as with products of our Cycling and Gait line. Explore our Professional Focus Areas to get a better understanding of our Complete Solutions for the lower levels of rehabilitation.


With our THERA-Trainer complete solution, we help you transform our THERA-Trainer devices into an evidence-based, clinically proven treatment concept for lower extremities. The use of our THERA-Trainers simplifies therapists’ work, maximises patients’ outcomes and can be implemented economically and sustainably.


However, instead of arguing with a package deal here, we prefer to tailor your individual THERA-Trainer solution according to your specific needs and circumstances. We agree on milestones and KPIs together. And we take our time for analysis, planning and implementation. Contact us and let our specialists advise you individually.

Can the THERA-Trainer senso also be used in combination with therapy devices from other manufacturers?

Of course. Naturally, THERA-Trainer products are perfectly matched in terms of their functionality and interoperability. But they can also be used in combination with other existing equipment or equipment from a different manufacturer. Depending on the specific use case, this may even make sense. We have close collaborations with some manufacturers of other products, which allows you to benefit from special offers and bundled deals. Get in Touch with us. We would be happy to provide information on this and share our experience from customer projects.

What kind of support can I expect?

THERA-Trainer’s award-winning support team is always at your side to help with all questions. From advice on the appropriate THERA-Trainer in the right configuration, to financing and reimbursement options, as well as assistance if something doesn’t work the way you want it to. The only thing we wish is, get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

What customers say about THERA-Trainer

  • Jürgen Winkler
    Paraplegic after swimming accident

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    From the moment I first started using a wheelchair, the THERA-Trainer has been a constant training device. I first encountered it in the hospital. I then had it prescribed so that I could train at home. In particular I use the cranks for my upper body and arms, so that I can actively maintain and build up my remaining muscles. I try to train with the tigo several times a week.

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    I have been using a THERA-Trainer tigo for a number of years now and, after an enforced break due to the pandemic, I can’t wait to use this equipment regularly again.

  • Sabine Lamprecht
    Physical Therapist, MSc. Neurorehabilitation

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    For training upper body strength and endurance and thus also the shoulder muscles and connection to the trunk muscles, training with the THERA-Trainer upper body trainer is recommended on a regular basis.

  • Dr. med. Stephanie A Bridenbaugh
    Head of Department Basel Mobility Center

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    Felix Platter Hospital relies on state-of-the-art methods not only in diagnostics, but also in therapy. For several years now, the end-effector gait trainer lyra has been used in gait rehabilitation, allowing therapists and patients to benefit from the advantages of modern gait rehabilitation robotics.

  • Dr. Hermann Moser, MSc.
    Medical Director Therapy Center Gmundnerberg

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    We are delighted to be one of the first facilities in Austria providing therapy with the lyra. The implementation of end effector robotics is an important step in the overall care of our patients and enables state-of-the-art gait rehabilitation.

  • Janine Ehlers
    Speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and specialist for vegetative states

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    The option to work statically, as a pure standing device, or dynamically, as a balance trainer, allows an individual adaptation of the training situation to the respective daily condition and the therapy progress of the patient.

  • Inga Braming
    Physiotherapist, Managing Director therapy center Rhein Erft

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    We have coma patients that we put in the dynamic standing trainer. Maybe a bit unusual, but very interesting! Because especially when we bring these patients into the verticalization very important stimuli are given.

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    As a powered wheelchair user, the tigo helps me to move both my arms and legs and improve my strength and fitness. When I use it, I can feel my heart rate being raised and I am hoping that it will allow me to regain some of the mobility I have recently lost. The number of adjustments mean that people with many different levels of ability can use a THERA-Trainer. This is adaptive and accessible fitness for all the family!

  • Anis Hamila
    Dipl. Physiotherapist, MSc. movement and sport gerontology

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    The intervention with the BALANCE-Trainer system is well feasible for stroke patients living at home. The training can show an improvement in balance and mobility.

  • Janine Ehlers
    Speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and specialist for vegetative states

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    THERA-Trainer offers therapists, caregivers and trained relatives the possibility to carry out efficient, energy-saving standing training without provoking fear of falling in the patient.

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