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Nearly one in six people in the world suffers from neurological or geriatric disease. Are you affected yourself or a relative? Do you know someone for whom this is the case? We offer reliable solutions for daily home exercise to bring lives back in motion.



Be active. Everyday.

For all of those who need it most.

Recovery from a neurological or geriatric disease can be long and tough journey and recovery is not always predictable. But improving quality of life through exercise every day is possible. Start with the first step.


Increase your activity, effectively improve your health and positively influence your well-being – Keep moving for your life in motion.


As a leading global medical technology provider for physical therapy at home we support you on this way. Life in motion is our purpose and vision – for all those who need it most. Our training equipment is specially designed for people with limited mobility. Designed for a safe, easy, effective training at home. Designed for you. Take the next step into your a life in motion with THERA-Trainer.


Training at home.

Motion is life and your life in motion is what we strive for.

THERA-Trainer products such as mobi, tigo and balo can be perfectly used for daily exercise therapy at home. They are designed to be safe and effective for people with various physical limitations, including people with stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.


You want to get a THERA-Trainer for your home? Please contact us – we will support you. Our goal: A THERA-Trainer in every home for all those who need it most.


We are happy to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about THERA-Training at home.

Who benefits from THERA-Training?


Exercising with a THERA-Trainer helps people who, for a variety of reasons, no longer have sufficient mobility. To remain physically and mentally active and to counter the effects of lack of exercise, we need to get our bodies in motion. Regular movement exercising maintains and restores strength, mobility, endurance and more besides.


Studies show that following a stroke or for people affected by MS, Parkinson’s disease or paraplegia, physical performance can be improved by exercising with a THERA-Trainer, with a positive effect on the progression of the disease.


With THERA-Trainers you train…

– at home – where you feel comfortable.
– by yourself – in many cases you won’t need any help.
– whenever and as frequently as you wish – depending on your daily schedule.
– for as long as you wish and for as long as it is beneficial – you decide.
– from your armchair or wheelchair – without the need to change location.
– with or without muscle power – exactly as it suits you.


How does THERA-Training help?


Happiness and physical well-being are closely linked and dependent on many factors. The best way to improve both is through regular exercise. Daily training promotes physical functions like strength, endurance and mobility, stabilises the circulation & metabolism and also improves mental wellbeing.


Regular exercise with a THERA-Trainer counteracts the negative impact of lack of exercise, such as stiffness or loss of muscle tone, and has a positive effect on daily activities.


How much is a THERA-Trainer?


This depends highly of your individual requirements. Depending on model and equipment, the price
may vary. Please talk to our consultants, and then we can create your individual quote.


How and where can I receive consultation?


All THERA-Trainer employees would love to help you and will answer all your questions quickly.


Please contact us:



What happens when I need technical support?


Normally we deliver the THERA-Trainers with help of the trained dealer. This gives you a competent contact person at your place whenever you need it. All components can be exchanged fast and easy.

Technical Support

How about warranty?


All THERA-Trainers are guaranteed quality products. Should you ever have a reason to complain, we’ll do everything to solve the problem so you can continue your exercise.


Try for yourself.

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Make it happen.

THERA-Trainer may help you as an individual with a neurolgical for age related disease achieve several goals. Here are some common goals you could benefit from.


Regaining motor function


THERA-Training can assist in recovering or improving motor function. It can help you regain endurance, strength, coordination, balance, and range of motion.


Enhancing mobility and independence


THERA-Training can focus on improving mobility skills such as walking, transferring from one surface to another, climbing stairs, This can increase independence and improve overall quality of life.


Managing spasticity and muscle tone


THERA-Training can aim to reduce spasticity and regulate muscle tone, related to some neurologic diseases, such as stroke or cerebral palsy.


Improving balance and fall prevention


THERA-Training can include exercises that challenge balance, stability, and proprioception to improve balance control and reduce the likelihood of falls.

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Boosting neuroplasticity


THERA-Training can stimulate neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new neural connections by engaging in structured and repetitive movements.


Enhancing cardiovascular fitness


THERA-training can include activities to improve cardiovascular health, such as aerobic exercises, to increase endurance levels and cardiovascular fitness.

What customers say about THERA-Trainer

  • Michael H.
    Hospital virus after a knee operation with pneumonia in both lungs and artificial coma

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    When I was allowed to go home after rehabilitation, I was able to use a THERA-Trainer right away. I exercised with the device two or three times a day and after a short time I was able to walk on my own again. As a result of the exercise, my condition improved to such an extent that I no longer required the artificial oxygen supply.

  • Marcus Kriegel
    Paraplegia affected person

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    It’s nice to be standing at full body height again. The rehab days in the clinic are exhausting. But giving up is not an option.

  • Gabriele Flieger
    Affected person with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    With the THERA-Trainer I have the possibility to train adapted muscles and mobility of legs and arms in case of decreasing strength. I can still do this independently without the support of the electric drive. The device is handy and transportable by rollers, so I can train everywhere in my flat. Am very satisfied and see it as the only way to maintain the arm and leg muscles in the best possible way.

  • Jürgen Winkler
    Paraplegic after swimming accident

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    From the moment I first started using a wheelchair, the THERA-Trainer has been a constant training device. I first encountered it in the hospital. I then had it prescribed so that I could train at home. In particular I use the cranks for my upper body and arms, so that I can actively maintain and build up my remaining muscles. I try to train with the tigo several times a week.

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    I have been using a THERA-Trainer tigo for a number of years now and, after an enforced break due to the pandemic, I can’t wait to use this equipment regularly again.

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    As a powered wheelchair user, the tigo helps me to move both my arms and legs and improve my strength and fitness. When I use it, I can feel my heart rate being raised and I am hoping that it will allow me to regain some of the mobility I have recently lost. The number of adjustments mean that people with many different levels of ability can use a THERA-Trainer. This is adaptive and accessible fitness for all the family!

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