THERA-Trainers win the COVID challenge

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Hochdorf, Germany, 22.03.2021 (PresseBox) – medica Medizintechnik GmbH, located in Hochdorf, Upper Swabia, is known world-wide for professional products and robotic assisted solutions for movement therapy.

In May 2020, in the middle of the first COVID-19 wave, medica (the manufacturer of THERA-Trainer branded products) received the regulatory approval for a new movement trainer for bed-bound patients (bemo). Many COVID-19 patients in intensive care units or isolated bed-bound patients in rehabilitation clinics have been able to significantly benefit from daily exercise with the THERA-Trainer bemo. "Regular activity is very important, especially for the bed-bound patients. With the THERA-Trainer bemo, this can be easily accomplished. In addition to this,  motivation and hope can be returned to these patients," Peter Kopf, CEO of medica Medizintechnik, is convinced.

Movement is life

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the entire world on its toes. Everyone lives more or less isolated due to the restrictions in place. Elderly people in retirement and nursing homes are particularly hard hit. Many people have been infected and many need intensive medical care. Hospitals have set up special corona wards. Doctors and nurses have been working at the limits of capacity for more than a year.

With the help of the new THERA-Trainer bemo, bed-bound and isolated (Covid-19) patients can be activated on a daily basis. Regular exercise is important for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Pulmonary activity is increased and the loss of strength and endurance can be significantly reduced . Users of bemo love its easy handling and appreciate the fact that it can be quickly cleaned and disinfected. In addition to intensive care units, the THERA-Trainer bemo is also used in early rehabilitation or in nursing homes.

THERA-Trainer continues growing

In addition to the successful market launch of the bemo, the existing product portfolio also contributed sales growth last year. With increased isolation of the elderly and disabled people at home comes further need for exercise – for example with the support of the THERA-Trainer tigo movement trainer. In some countries health insurance companies cover the costs (depending on the diagnosis). Patients with neurological diseases (e.g. stroke) are supplied with THERA-Trainers from Hochdorf for training via specialized distributors and retailers all over the world.

"In total, 2020 was a year with extreme challenges in terms of planning and delivery capability. On the other hand, 2020 was an extremely successful year and we were able to continue our growth strategy as planned in Germany and abroad. We were able to hire new employees and to pay out a special bonus to  each employee" says CEO Peter Kopf.

1,800sqm new production and administration area

At THERA-Trainer we plan for long term and sustainability. Therefore, despite the pandemic, the expansion of the production, warehouse and administration buildings was completed at the beginning of the year. This paves the way for further growth and the development of new, professional products and robotic assisted solutions for movement therapy – according to the company slogan "LIFE IN MOTION".