THERA-soft is an versatile therapy software for Cycling and Standing & Balancing. With interactive training programs for mobilisation and motor learning. Plan and manage. Motivate. Get feedback. Document and report.



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THERA-soft ties our complete solutions together

Software-driven therapeutic interventions designed to motivate patients and to plan, support and evaluate treatment plans are the future in digital healthcare. The combination of game-based virtual reality training protocols and state-of-the-art motion analytics makes.


THERA-soft a complete solutions platform for therapy management and coordinated use of THERA-Trainers in clinical practice as well as in rehabilitative home use.

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Plan, do, check.

Therapeutic games and meaningful data

THERA-soft is the ideal software solution for a successful THERA-Trainer treatment! A management tool allows to create individual task plans for targeted therapeutic interventions. A variety of therapy games offers increased patient motivation and feedback during training.


Meaningful reports allow the systematic recording and evaluation of the therapy progress. Experience an effective and professional therapy support. Use THERA-soft to offer patients customised support and optimally promote their recovery.

Safe, easy, effective & affordable.

The THERA-Trainer soft is a high quality, innovative rehabilitation technology software. You want to make your own THERA-Trainer in the clinic, practice or at home? Arrange a free demo now.

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Features you’ll love.

THERA-soft offers advanced task-oriented training with biofeedback and therapeutic gaming. Qualitative and quantitative feedback and reports support documentation and a seamless monitoring of the treatment process.

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Therapy management & planning

Patient database with direct choice of therapy tasks and fast adaptation of training parameters for individual patients.


Cycling interventions

Goal-oriented exercising of strength and endurance with motivating animations that encourage patients to perform to their maximum ability.

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Standing & balancing interventions

Combined weight shifting exercises (forward/backward – left/right) with task-specific visual and acoustic feedback.

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Documentation and evaluation

Structured documentation and evaluation of all important training parameters show the training progress of patients.

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Worldwide video routes

Cycling through foreign countries and well-known towns, encouraging physical and mental activity.

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High precision biofeedback

High-precision sensor technology, detecting even the subtlest of the patient’s own activities.

2000+ video routes

Video routes powered by MOTITECH. More video routes in a database with 2000+ videos can be requested directely from our cooperation partner.


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You want to experience THERA-Trainer in the clinic, practice or at home? Arrange a free demo now.



What is the THERA-soft?

THERA-soft is THERA-Trainer’s flagship software, specially designed for therapy planning, training, evaluation and documentation. The software can be easily connected to most THERA-Trainer products. A patient database enables therapists to create individual training programmes, and a variety of therapeutic games allow patients to work persistently on their therapy goals in virtual worlds with a high level of motivation. Thanks to consistent data collection, reports can be used to draw conclusions about improvements and outcomes.

How much does a THERA-soft cost?

Any THERA-soft solution consists of the THERA-soft software itself, associated hardware (computer and display, e.g., TV or a tablet) and a THERA-Trainer Cycling or Standing & Balancing device that is offers the actual therapy. We offer different packages and bundles depending on the area of application. Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

With which products is the THERA-soft compatible?

THERA-soft is compatible with all Cycling and Standing & Balancing products – the only exception is the THERA-Trainer senso, which has its own special software solution. For the Standing & Balancing products, older devices can easily be retrofitted with an appropriate sensor. For cycling products, the control and display unit may have to be replaced on older machines. Use our free compatibility check to determine whether your device is already THERA-soft connectable or contact our support. We will be happy to help you here.

In which settings the THERA-soft can be used?

The THERA-soft is used wherever THERA-Trainers are used. Especially in the following settings:

  • Hospitals (Acute & intensive care)
  • Stroke units
  • Inpatient rehabilitation clinics
  • Outpatient rehabilitation centers
  • MS centers
  • Long term care facilities
  • Elderly care homes
  • Gyms


For which clinical conditions and indications is the THERA-soft suitable?

The THERA-soft can generally be used by patients with the following clinical conditions and indications:


  • Stroke (apoplexy, hemiplegia, cerebral haemorrhage)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Paraplegia (paraplegia, tetraplegia)
  • Muscle diseases (muscular dystrophy, muscular atrophy)
  • Craniocerebral injuries
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Apallic syndrome (coma vigil, aphasia)
  • Infantile cerebral palsy
  • Polio syndrome
  • Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS)
  • Polyneuropathy (e.g. due to canal spinal stenosis)
  • Rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis
  • Knee and hip TEP
  • and for many other clinical pictures with movement restrictions.

Since THERA-soft is always paired with a THERA-Trainer Cycling or Standing & Balancing device, the indications mainly depend on the device it is combined with.

What is the minimum activity level for training with the THERA-soft?

THERA-soft itself does not require any particular activity level. Since it is a software with predominantly visual therapy games and feedbacks, sufficient perception and visual ability must be present. The difficulty levels of the applications can then be individually adapted to the patient’s abilities. Many applications, such as the video routes, can also be used with patients with impaired cognitive abilities and dementia to promote motivation and enjoyment of exercise.

What are the benefits for patients from exercising with the THERA-soft?

The interactive video games in the THERA-soft that require physical movement have gained popularity in the field of rehabilitation. They can be used as a tool that supports device training to help individuals recover from various physical and cognitive conditions. The therapy goals associated with the exergames in rehabilitation can vary depending on the specific needs of the individual and the condition being addressed and obviously depend on the device that the software is combined with. However, some common therapy goals include:

Physical rehabilitation: Exercises can be used to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Therapy goals may focus on increasing range of motion, improving muscle strength, enhancing postural control, and developing overall physical fitness.

Motor skill development: Therapy can help individuals practice and refine motor skills. Therapy goals may involve improving fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, motor planning, and motor sequencing.

Cardiovascular conditioning: Training that involve aerobic activities, such as virtual cycling or dancing, can be used to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Goals may include increasing heart rate, improving lung capacity, and enhancing overall cardiovascular health.

How is the THERA-soft different from other therapy applications on the market?

The advantage of THERA-soft, compared to other stand alone therapy applications, is that the programs are fully interoperable with THERA-Trainers. This means that the training parameters and motion sensor data are transferred to the software in real time. This allows interactive therapy games to be specifically adapted to the patient’s performance level and controlled and adjusted at any time. In addition, the therapy applications are explicitly designed for motor learning and the improvement of specific body functions. Another advantage is that all movement data of the therapy sessions is recorded and stored, which enables later progress evaluations and analyses. Raw data and training results can also be seamlessly exchanged with other systems via a data interface for research and documentation purposes.

How THERA-soft fits into the THERA-Trainer complete solution concept?

THERA-soft plays a special role in connection with the THERA-Trainer complete solutions, as the software connects the individual training devices and provides the basis for a structured application and evaluation of all training results.


With our THERA-Trainer complete solution, we help you transform our THERA-Trainer devices into an evidence-based, clinically proven treatment concept for lower extremities. The use of our THERA-Trainers simplifies therapists’ work, maximises patients’ outcomes and can be implemented economically and sustainably.


However, instead of arguing with a package deal here, we prefer to tailor your individual THERA-Trainer solution according to your specific needs and circumstances. We agree on milestones and KPIs together. And we take our time for analysis, planning and implementation. Contact us and let our specialists advise you individually.

Can the THERA-soft also be used in combination with therapy devices from other manufacturers?

A connection of other training devices to the THERA-soft is possible under certain conditions. The THERA-soft has a corresponding data interface (API) that can be used for this purpose. This has already made it possible in the past to integrate other devices and specific training programs into the THERA-soft. Feel free to contact us if you see a need here and have special wishes. We are always open to discuss these with you.

What kind of support can I expect?

THERA-Trainer’s award-winning support team is always at your side to help with all questions. From advice on the appropriate THERA-Trainer in the right configuration, to financing and reimbursement options, as well as assistance if something doesn’t work the way you want it to. The only thing we wish is, get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

What customers say about THERA-Trainer

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    I have been using a THERA-Trainer tigo for a number of years now and, after an enforced break due to the pandemic, I can’t wait to use this equipment regularly again.

  • Marcus Kriegel
    Paraplegia affected person

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    It’s nice to be standing at full body height again. The rehab days in the clinic are exhausting. But giving up is not an option.

  • Tobias Braun
    Researcher, University of Applied Health Sciences, Bochum, Germany

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    Additional dynamic-assisted standing training is safe and easy to perform with subacute stroke patients.

  • Maria Anna Kraxberger, MA
    Head of department, Therapy Center Gmundnerberg

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    The Lyra training optimally supports the patients and the therapists in achieving the rehabilitation goal together. With this equipment, we can make our patients’ gait training more targeted and effective.

  • Martin Felgentreu
    Physiotherapist, Clinical specialist Parkinson’s disease

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    Especially people who particularly enjoyed cycling before their illness can be easily motivated to train with the THERA-Trainer.

  • Helmut Krause
    Occupational therapist, clinical expert

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    Thanks to the possibility of computer technology, training can now be very specific. Patients receive immediate feedback on the execution of movements and are motivated to improve their own physical condition through active training.

  • Hannah L.

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    As a powered wheelchair user, the tigo helps me to move both my arms and legs and improve my strength and fitness. When I use it, I can feel my heart rate being raised and I am hoping that it will allow me to regain some of the mobility I have recently lost. The number of adjustments mean that people with many different levels of ability can use a THERA-Trainer. This is adaptive and accessible fitness for all the family!

  • Jürgen Winkler
    Paraplegic after swimming accident

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    From the moment I first started using a wheelchair, the THERA-Trainer has been a constant training device. I first encountered it in the hospital. I then had it prescribed so that I could train at home. In particular I use the cranks for my upper body and arms, so that I can actively maintain and build up my remaining muscles. I try to train with the tigo several times a week.

  • Inga Braming
    Physiotherapist, Managing Director therapy center Rhein Erft

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    We have coma patients that we put in the dynamic standing trainer. Maybe a bit unusual, but very interesting! Because especially when we bring these patients into the verticalization very important stimuli are given.

  • Dr. Hermann Moser, MSc.
    Medical Director Therapy Center Gmundnerberg

    star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating star_rating

    We are delighted to be one of the first facilities in Austria providing therapy with the lyra. The implementation of end effector robotics is an important step in the overall care of our patients and enables state-of-the-art gait rehabilitation.

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